Why I Follow the Tweeps I Do

Friday, October 2, 2009

140 characters is just not enough to do justice to the people I follow that make my Twitter experience so great. Either that, or I’d have to flood people’s timelines with many, many tweets. That’s just wrong... But if I forgot you, and you feel wronged by it, feel free to chew me out publicly in tweets. If I mess up the links to your twitter pages, I'm sorry. Beatings are encouraged.

First and foremost: @JardinDeSophie because she is my wife and the bestest. I don’t know where I’d be without her.

@betagoddess One very special tweep who will be silent forever. I miss my mother.

Good people: People who have engaged me in conversation, some of them have helped me through the hardest time of my life. @ladyloki @botticellirejct @mergyeugnau @bird42 @ram327 @WongoWoman @CS999 @doodledawne @KingBobulousIII @sundaeg1rl @M20Mermaid @damarisens @mr_craig @JulesHardy @Noadi @Angry_Atheist @happy_atheist @TheMadderHat @kpibca @Smithengarde @Scriblit

Atheists: These tweeps I follow because they don’t believe in silly things like sky cake. @theadividual @theonides @achura @AtheistDoug @almightygod @_SATAN_ @pzmyers @AthOnTwi @jref @AtheistInWA @ainajaharah

Facts and Figures: One reason I follow certain accounts is for the information they convey. These accounts always have great tidbits. @factlets @mindhackz @make @BioscienceNews @SpaceAstro @HowStuffWorks CBC Twitter Feeds @mashable @archaeology @NASA @whycenter @BadAstronomer @DiscoverMag @Discovery @qikipedia @sciam @Lifehacker

I’m not including celebrities, simply because I’m sure if you’re interested in them you’ve either found them already or will soon enough.

That’s it for this week. I might just use this every week, until I find other interesting tweeps, which I’ll probably just add here. I may add other categories for those that I don’t have up here yet.

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