English Journey in Jeopardy?

Thursday, January 7, 2010


It seems almost certain that Sophie will be getting laid off at the beginning of next month. As such, my trip to the UK is nixed, unless I get some sort of windfall of cash.

Layoff plans

In order to cover expenses, and possibly have some money left over for the trip, I’ll be looking at getting a part-time job. With my constant headaches and the possibility of depression, I’d have to get something pretty stress free, and not in a noisy environment. I’m not entirely confident in my ability to show up to work every day.

Our income would be significantly reduced, so a lot of what I make from a part-time job would go to bills and such. Part-time is definitely about the limit I could handle.


There will be no trip, as it stands.

The primary implication is that I might not be able to buy my plane ticket. I think that’ll be the single biggest expense of my trip. Food is probably next, and I *was* a university student on a budget, so I know how to keep from overspending there. Then it’s lodging. I can’t go any less expensive than hostels, unless I sleep in a cardboard box or on a park bench. Yeah, that’s not happening. Train and bus fare shouldn’t be much, and I’ll walk whenever I can.

Where does this leave me?

I’m hoping this wont leave me in a situation where I can’t make the trip. My dad needs dates so he can start booking air travel for himself to and from Belgium, and my return ticket from there. If I get a part-time job, I should be all set with respect to money. If I can’t hold it, well, we’ll have to see from there.

I don’t want to let my tweeples down, the ones I’ve told about the trip. I want to see you guys and I’ll do everything in my power to get there. If you can find me info on how much it costs in London, Liverpool and Edinburgh to eat modestly per day, that’d help quite a bit.


Angie Jackson said...

You absolutely CAN go cheaper than hostels. ThinkAtheist has an atheist couch-surfing exchange program. Make friends with UK atheists there & on Twitter and sleep for free. Also, you'll meet cool atheist peeps along the way!

but yeah, if it's not financially possible, that sucks. I'm in a financial shitstorm myself right now. We'll make it through though :)

are you able to get disability benefits?

skwirl42 said...

The airfare is the big part. That's what's killed the idea.

Angie Jackson said...

Yeah, I've never traveled abroad. Hell, almost all of my traveling was done with a backpack & my thumb (and a bag of weed lol)

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