The Snow

Thursday, February 18, 2010

There has been a snow storm. It wasn't as bad as the forecast had made it out to be. The wind blew the snow around into big drifts, leaving some parts largely uncovered by new snow.

At some point I have to clear the driveway of this snow. It's begun to melt, since the temperatures have risen above freezing. They're going to keep rising over the next couple of days.

Wet snow does not clear easily. A snowblower can't manage it very well and it's quite heavy to shovel. However, the fact that it's in drifts may make shoveling easier. I can hope, anyway, because the snowblower won't work well on the snow as it is right now.

300 feet of driveway is a pain to clear. But I think the natural beauty we have is worth the inconvenience of a bit of snow part of the year. At least we have nowhere to go at the moment.


Sophie said...

Better hope neither one of us needs to get to the hospital or anything...

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